Feel free to call (404) 877-0005 with any questions or clarifications.  Staff is always available by phone.


We are happy to hold one on one lessons via Zoom.  Please call if you would like to set up online private music lessons. 

Latin Dance

Please click here for your online schedule.


Ballet Level III-V and Adult Ballet Dancers please visit our ADMA YouTube Channel to find a collection of Ms. Kelly, Ms. Pamela, Ms. Chivvaun’s Ballet classes.

Zoom links and other directions will be emailed directly to families of each class’ students.

Please see the schedule below


Wednesday, July 15

7:00p: Zoom Int/Adv Ballet for Teens & Adults – Ms. Kelly

Thursday, July 16

6:00p: IG Live! Holistic Horton – Mr. PK

Friday, July 17

6:00p: IG Live! Commercial Jazz – Mr. Jacob

Saturday, July 18

9:00a: Zoom Zumba – Ms. Veronica