Preschool Dance Programs

  • Level A-1 – A dance awakening class for potty-trained 2½ – 3½ year olds, introducing young children to the joys of movement and music through dance, tumbling, percussion and imaginative play. Recommended one class per week.
    Dance Awakening 2    

    Dannce Awakening

  • Level A – A pre-ballet class for 3½ – 5 year olds that will introduce children to more formalized movement and initial ballet postures through the use of organized play. Recommended one class per week.
    Dance Awakening 2

    Level A Attitude   Level A Attitude   Level A Attitude

  • Level B – Ballet Class for 5 and 6 year olds that presents the primary curriculum; expanding on the initial postures and movement from Level A, now is the time to learn to do everything with a little more care, but with just as much enjoyment. Recommended one class per week.
    Pamela 13
  • Level C – Ballet Class for children who are 6 years old as of August and who have reached the appropriate physical development. Additional elements to the Level B curriculum will help prepare students for the Primary Division. Recommended one class per week..
    Flower Heads