Beginner’s Guide


Please do not let concern about what to wear or how you look or how long it has been since you have taken class or even done any exercise stop you from entering the fun and fulfilling world of dancing. At Studio Dionne we have always had a special focus on the beginning dancer. Many of our students engaged in formal dance training for the first time with us. They experience a welcoming and supportive environment. This is true for the absolute beginner as well as the dancer who has had some or even extensive training in the past but may have lapsed in their classes for any of a number of reasons. The best way to get started is to come in and try a class or even observe a class. You will see people just like yourself, having fun and learning.


We ask the absolute beginner dancer to wear comfortable clothing. Leggings and a t-shirt or workout attire that is not too baggy is good. Something you feel comfortable in and can allow you to begin dancing right away. You will find that as you progress you will be ready to wear official dance attire which is traditionally leotards, tights, Jazz pants or unitards.

Women Ballet dancers wear pink ballet shoes. Men Ballet dancers please wear black tights or bike shorts, white t-shirts and white ballet shoes with white socks for ballet. For Jazz Dance Class dancers please wear jazz pants and jazz shoes. For Modern Dance Class dancers leotards, tights, unitards or jazz pants and top with bare feet are appropriate. Hip/Hop class the attire can be the same as for jazz with jazz sneakers.

Please ask for split sole ballet shoes either leather or canvas. The shoes should fit snugly for proper support. The leather ballet shoes will stretch out considerably so keep that in mind when purchasing. The canvas ballet shoes, however, do not stretch at all and should be bought to fit exactly. Shoes and dance attire can be ordered for you at our School or you may visit one of the dancewear providers listed below. Good manufacturers are Bloch or Sansha. They also make an excellent jazz shoe and jazz sneaker.

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What should my Dancer wear to class?

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